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Hire a Mobile Video Sign for Exposure

Mobile Outdoor Displays

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Hire sign offers an effective trailer mounted mobile advertising sign solutions to complement your existing marketing and outdoor advertising activities. Outdoor advertising can improve your business turnover. A VMS road side sign can be programmed to display a number of messages or the message can be changed during the promotion.

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Trailer Mounted Video Advertising

A video full colour display sign is able to continually rotate repeating the massage over and over, day and night. All mobile trailer display signs can be positioned in shopping centre car parks or medium strips where permitted by councils. It should be The correct positing of the sign is important for the full impact of the message to oncoming traffic.

The situation with today’s buyers, many go straight to the internet and complete a searching process and set a buying pattern before they head off to the business they wish to purchase from.

However the beauty of a mobile visual video display board is you can turn heads and capture those heading toward another business people buy on impulse and a visual message display can trigger that potential customer to stop at your business.

Video display message billboards are often used to alert customers about a pending sale or a sale that is on now, these boards are able to display specials, or current discounted items, hot food, hotels and pub promotions, sell an entertainment venue, car yard use them often when promoting sales, real estate agents use them to promote land and property sales, You might be setting up a new business? What better way to get your message across! There are thousands of uses for mobile video bill boards.

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Quality ROI [Return On Investment]

For many years now variable message boards have been used for road-works, so those driving instinctively turn heads to inspect and look at them. People are much more aware these days that have grown to understand that colourful active road side signs are important and need to be read. So in reality people are much more conditioned to look at this type advertising and at the same time business can now see how extremely effective this advertising tool can be.

It is very rare that once a business has used a mobile trailer advertising billboard, that they do not come back. They do, and use the service over and over. Because of the very positive experience and the new customers that are driven to that business. Creating in some case a dramatic increase in sales.

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Mobile Video Displays for Short or Long Term Hire

Mobile video display boards create IMPACT! They are bright and communicate a message that people cannot avoid. When a video sign is set up and working heads turn and captures those potential customers and ensures passing traffic cannot pass without seeing what you have to offer, people remember and will return. The visual display can be seen from in some cases 500 metres, guaranteeing you hit that target audience.

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Hire Your Advertising from Hire A Sign Sydney

Hire Signs is able to deliver, set up the trailer, tailor your message. Deliver is free anywhere in the metropolitan area of Sydney. Yes we do deliver to the central Coast and south coast, all the signs are placed in the best possible positions in clear view of oncoming traffic.

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