Benefits of Hiring a Full Colour Mobile Video Sign

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The Benefits of Mobile Video Displays include:


VMS boards on mobile trailers allows for the sign to be moved from site to site and from place to place on the site. Gaining for the advertiser the best possible advantage of capturing the passing parade.

Location Targeting:

Ensures the Mobile Video Signs is empowered to deliver your promotion to a specific targeted location, driving your message to those that are in close proximity to your place of business.

Demographic Targeting:

The great part of using a mobile trailer video sign is you can reach key consumers situated in any location on any demographic! You could run adds directing people to your business from the main highways or atrial roads leading to your place of business.


A Mobile VMS sign is able to operating sign from the power of the sun or batteries and is capable or selling your product or service 24 hours a day seven days a week in just about any location.

Hire Signs for Exporsure


Our mobile trailer signs are equipped with state-of-the-art digital video and sound technology which exceeds many other forms of advertising like print advertising or even static Mobile boards in the mobile marketplace. All designed to promote your business logos, branding, products and/or services. This is outdoor advertising at its best.


This medium absolutely guarantees exposure, your advertisement or promotion is lit brightly on digital screens that are positioned on both sides of the trailer and more importantly "at eye level" So it can be seen Easley from almost any angle. You can be assured that our trailers are impossible to miss and very seldom ignored!

High Frequency:

It is also important to note that VMS - Mobile Video Signs advertisements produce frequency levels that are unmatched by other mediums any they do it 7 days a week, month after month. You can generate repeated exposure, delivering your message multiple times continually.

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